• Jul 18, 2017
    The Atlanta Business Chronicle: Medical device company raises $12.3 million, plans move to Atlanta
    Dune Medical’s CEO Lori Chmura on the company’s $12.3M investment, plans to relocate, and making RF Spectroscopy the standard of care in cancer treatment to ensure that surgeons “get it all.”"It’s really a challenge that's out there, and it's a huge cost to the health-care system as well as a pretty big stress to the patient," said Lori Chmura, CEO of Dune Medical Devices. "It's really important to get all the cancer out the...
  • Jul 13, 2017
    Dune Medical raises $12M to take RF Spectroscopy technology beyond breast cancer
    The future of RF spectroscopy and Dune’s recent investment round featured by MassDevice and FierceBiotechDune Medical’s recent $12.3M investment round led by Canepa Healthcare, ATON Partners, and the Kraft Group was recently highlighted by both MassDevice and FierceBiotech. The funding opens doors for our company to develop new solutions which are developed on a first-of-its-kind RF Spectroscopy platform that differentiates cancerous from healthy tissue based on electromagnetic properties, making it possible for patients and physicians to answer the question,...
  • Jul 6, 2017
    Dune Medical Completes $12.3 MM Financing
    Funding will support further development of RF Spectroscopy technology to detect microscopic residual cancer. (July 6, 2017 – Alpharetta, GA and Caesarea, Israel) Dune Medical Devices, dedicated to solving the problem, “Did we get it all” for identifying microscopic residual cancer in real-time, today announced the closing of a $12.3 million dollar financing round. The company is based upon Dune Medical’s revolutionary and proprietary radiofrequency (RF) spectroscopy platform which will be applied to a variety of other cancers following the...
  • Jun 22, 2017
    The Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Lumpectomies offer equally promising survival rates for breast cancer”
    Breast surgeons Dr. Dennis Holmes and Dr. Annabel Barber on “dispelling fears with facts” and the emerging technology, such as MarginProbe, that is helping make that the case.“The impulse to opt for a mastectomy or even double mastectomy after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is understandable: You’ve just been told you have cancer, and you want it out. You might also think that by removing as much breast tissue as possible, you’re improving your chances of beating the disease....
  • Jun 8, 2017
    New clinical research shows MarginProbe reduces re-excision rates for breast conserving surgery by 61%
    A study recently presented during the 2017 American Society of Breast Surgeons annual meeting demonstrates that proper use of Dune Medical Devices’ intraoperative margin assessment device, MarginProbe, results in a significant difference in the total re-excision rate during breast conserving surgery- the standard option for patients with early stage breast cancer. Re-excision rates vary substantially, however, the recently reported average across multiple institutions was 25%.Research led by Amanda Kupstas, MD, Warda Ibrar, MD, D. Richard Hayward, PhD, Daniel Ockner,...
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