Mission Statement

Dune Medical Devices is focused on developing a comprehensive platform of devices using RF Spectroscopy. The goal is to become a new standard of care for intraoperative margin detection in a multitude of cancers. Our primary mission is to answer the question: ‘Did we get it all?’ for patients and clinicians.

Dune Medical develops, manufactures, and commercializes innovative products that improve the effectiveness and outcome of cancer therapy. By providing real-time tissue characterization systems to guide surgical and diagnostic decisions, Dune puts more power in the hands of the cancer surgeons while still in the operating room.  We accomplish this by identifying significant unmet clinical and market needs and investing in core technologies to develop products that improve patient care, build shareholder value, and create an exciting environment for employees.

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Dune Medical Devices was founded in 2002 by Dr. Dan Hashimshony to realize the extraordinary medical potential of its proprietary tissue characterization technology.  Offering surgeons and radiologists the real time ability to identify cancerous tissues and react immediately, this technology holds the promise for a broad range of surgical and diagnostic applications.

Dune Medical Devices is a privately held company with offices in the U.S. and Israel. Meet our management team and board of directors.

MarginProbe LogoFind out more about our breakthrough lumpectomy product, MarginProbe at www.marginprobe.com!

The MarginProbe System is designed to give today’s surgeons a significant new advantage in margin assessment. In a procedure of roughly five minutes, MarginProbe provides real time, detailed information to help a surgeon decide whether additional tissue should be taken, or whether to complete the lumpectomy procedure, and close the incision. Surgeons can perform the intraoperative assessments themselves, using the advanced technologies of the MarginProbe System. It’s a novel tool that gives surgeons an excellent chance of making a correct margin assessment before the tissue is examined by a pathologist.