Dune is focused on developing a platform of devices using RF Spectroscopy to become the standard of care for intraoperative margin detection in a multitude of cancers. Our mission is to answer the question, ‘Did we get it all?’ for both patients and clinicians.

MarginProbe helps surgeons assess margins in the operating room.

For breast surgeons, there are critical questions with every lumpectomy performed: Did I remove the right amount of tissue? Are the margins clean? Will I be able to tell my patient that we’ve removed all of the cancer? Did I do my job well?
The MarginProbe® System is a new technology to provide surgeons, for the first time, with the ability to perform an intraoperative margin assessment — a diagnostic procedure to better identify whether the tissue excised during the lumpectomy has positive margins. In approximately five minutes, within the operating room, surgeons can now have immediate information about the presence of cancer cells on the margins of the tumor.
Breast surgeons have said that this is the first significant advance in margin assessment in thirty years.
On December 28, 2012, the MarginProbe System received Premarket Approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. Since then, MarginProbe has been used in almost 10,000 lumpectomies, helping prevent thousands of re-excision procedures.
MarginProbe margin detection

How MarginProbe changes Lumpectomy Procedures

The MarginProbe System

The MarginProbe System consists of two highly-engineered components — the Probe and the Console — designed to provide both reliable performance and ease of use for surgeons within the operating room environment. The system utilizes RF Spectroscopy in a unique and sophisticated way to analyze tissue to identify both normal and malignant cells.

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The Science

Cancerous cells are uniquely different from healthy cells and consequently, have very different electromagnetic properties. The bioelectric differences between these breast cancer cells and regular cells can be detected using RF spectroscopy.

Once detected, the electromagnetic “signature” of cancerous cells can be compared to thousands of other cell signatures using a proprietary algorithm created by the R&D team of Dune. Results can then be reported to the surgeon in real time to support a decision regarding the removal of additional tissue from the breast.

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